Friday, October 29, 2010

Peace Tea | Final Statement

(1) My ethos and logos containers capture the same message of sharing. (2) Ethos promotes sharing your personal voice with a community and logos promotes the size of the can being large enough to share.

Bitting down on the plastic ends of the pins as I'm hanging up my work for final critique, stepping back, and thinking, "Yeah, I did that." is such a pleasing feeling. Wrapping up weeks of work in a final statement enforses that. When I first started working on my packaging I wasn't sure what the outcome would look like. Through sketches and sketches and sketches and (digital) sketches, I finally have come to the end. Through my choice of products (1), my sketches throughout the process (2) (3), digital sketches and final direction choices (4) (5) (6) I have reached my final package designs (shown below).

Logos is displayed by the concept and benefit of the can's size. Because the can is so large, it's perfect for sharing. This is where the double straws come in. Creating a heart, the straws emphasize the concept of sharing is caring. As simple as the message was, I decided vectored images was the best graphic approach for redesigning the package.

Ethos is displayed through the concept of sharing your voice with others using an online community. Creditability is gained as the online community grows. The hand-rendered type and drawing [of the girls] adds a sense of personal community as well as creativity.

Pathos (the original can) displays the eager action of peace to the consumer. An emotion of support and action become present. It uses bold imagery, color, and strong graphic drawings and colors to almost yell "this is really important!" Even when I first picked up the can, I couldn't tell if I was excited to spread peace or annoyed by the thought of "hippies".

This is my linear process for my logos packaging.

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  1. Julie, this is a very nice final summary - thorough, clear and personal.