Thursday, October 28, 2010


Logos is logical or the means of persuading by the use of reasoning. You look at deductive and inductive reasoning to back up your claim. Giving reasons is the heart of the argument. My approach is displayed by the concept and benefit of the can's size. Because the can is so large, it's perfect for sharing. This is where the double straws come in. Creating a heart, the straws emphasize the concept of sharing is caring. As simple as the message was, I decided vectored images was the best graphic approach for redesigning the package.

This mode shows credibility or ethical appeal is convincing the character of the author. For packaging design, or anything really (applying to ethos) you need to respect and believe in the project, person or problem, in order to give attention to it. Throughout my ethos directions, I kept in mind that the consumer needs to have someone to look up to to drink my tea, or be interested in the package. My approach, for ethos, is displayed through the concept of sharing your voice with others using an online community. Creditability is gained as the online community grows. The hand-rendered type and drawing [of the girls] adds a sense of personal community as well as creativity.

This mode uses emotion or persuades by appealing to the reader's emotions. This is also used as a means of persuasion. Emotional appeal can effectively enhance an argument. The original can displays the eager action of peace to the consumer. An emotion of support and action become present. It uses bold imagery, color, and strong graphic drawings and colors to almost yell "This is really important!" Even when I first picked up the can, I couldn't tell if I was excited to spread peace or annoyed by the thought of "hippies".

All of these can be backed through sketches of previous documentation and blog posts of this assignment. Click the link below named "Modes of Appeal" to see the whole process, from beginning to end.

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  1. Julie, you do describe your method here but would have been helpful for the reader to SEE what you are talking about.

    How did you demonstrate your knowledge of pathos (as made evident by your own sketches/comps, including that from other early product explorations, in this project)?