Saturday, September 25, 2010

Modes of Appeal F+S

imagery; peace sign and hand immediate message, dire message
color; very vibrant, sensation of urgency or action
words; they're very powerful, "unite", "tear down the wall"
typography; represents big sign, protest
audience; this product wants to build a sense of community, young, internet aware, blog pictures, self expression (artwork/poetry)
imagery; none, simple
color; white, grey, not too confusing, relating, factual information.
words; description on the back of facts and information
typography; very clear text
audience; they are very apt to living a healthy, slower lifestyle and expect to get their monies worth of quality products.
imagery; elmer's logo and a chalk board and an apple but not very powerful of noticeable at first glance.
color; clean bottle, to see the clear product
words; clear, washable, school glue, safe, non-toxic
typography; stylistically childlike for big font and normal facts, chalk writing-like typeface.
audience; parents. the adults buy the glue because if their kid decides to eat it, or make a mess it is clearly "kid friendly" and non-toxic (phew).

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