Thursday, October 21, 2010

Peace Tea: Share

For my final concepts, both of my can directions match. When I say match, I don't mean like a series but I mean in content (kind of). Let me explain. Both modes I am using have to do with the same theme of sharing. For my ethos direction, my concept is "Share Your Voice". I am trying to bring the voice of the consumer out and in public. By doing this, Peace Tea drinkers can upload poems, stories, videos, drawings, and photographs of themselves sharing their piece tea with other people (since the can is so damn big and it's only 99 cents). For my logos direction, my concept is "Sharing is Caring". One of the many benefits to Peace Tea is sharing the can. It's a large can which can be split any way you'd like. Grab some straws, take a sip, take a gulp, and pass it on. Share the can. Share the love.

As I am creating and choosing colors, I am keeping in mind what I like to call "shelf awareness". When this can is on the shelf, along with hundreds of other beverages, what's the appeal behind wanting to pick it up and drink it? Bright. Bold. Big. It usually works. As I also keep in mind my audience, I am going for a hand rendered, personal feel.



  1. "shelf awareness" and "shelf appeal". love it. You're clever with words Julie. Can I use these terms when I teach this project next year?

  2. Oh, of course you can! I don't know why it took so long for me to see this.