Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Narrative in Motion

This quick animation was produced in Adobe Flash CS4. This is the first animation I have ever done, and practically the first time I have ever opened Flash. My narrative started off by picking a letter and coming up with words that started with this letter. If it isn't obvious in the animation, my letter is "e" and my words are "earth" and "eclipse". I used these two words to creative a narrative of how the earth, sun, and moon, are effected by the crossing of each other's paths.
Original cropped ITC New Baskerville Std "e" & original cropped Helvetica Std "e"

Image integration brought a narrative to my animation and sequences. Some of the challenges of using imagery offline is the size of the images as well as the quality. It is hard, sometimes, to find the perfect image, at the right size and resolution. I didn't have too much trouble because both the earth, and an eclipse can not so easily be captured with just an everyday point and shoot camera
Cropped compositions with image integration

Rotation, cropping and scale were used in my animations at a slower rate to emphasize the movement in space and the feeling of being weightless. At the end of the animation there is an abrupt shake that is directed to emphasize the chaos of space as well as the balance.
Sequences that led up to final animation

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