Friday, October 9, 2009

Group Crit [Ft. Keaton Reeder & Myself]

Some of the things we discussed about mine line studies, tracings, photography, and overall compositions that resulted from a group critique:

1. Certain lines matching, consisting of width.
2. Cropping of images, as well as rotation.
3. Resizing and changing different line studies.
4. Conversation between the line studies and the photographs and if they it is clear or unclear.
5. Revising line studies.
6. Changing levels on the photography so they don't seem "muddy" or unclear.
7. Tracing need to be done with a smooth, sharp lead, if pencil is used.
8. Acquire more line studies of to meet the parameters for the final book.
9. Retake some photos and acquire a better angle of the photo's subject matter.
10. Try different rotations of the same crop of the line study and see how it effects the motion and composition of the juxtaposition.

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