Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Text Options

Below are some of the options for the title and self-authored, supporting text, to help describe the contents of accordion style book, that will be composed with image only. The images will consist of parings, of lines studies (complex, random, balanced, progressive, manipulated, and simple) and their corresponding photographic images.

Text Options:

i. Line [lahyn] noun, verb, lined, lining
A continuous extent of length, straight or curved, without breadth or thickness; the trace of a moving point.

Moving in lines, waiting in lines, and getting from one point to another. This is how we, as humans, live our lives. Whether we conceive these lines as fast or slow, straight or crooked, up or down, we are all just moving from one point to another. One earth, one human race, in small or large collective environments. This is the environment that surrounds us. It is full of silly little epiphanies and juxtapositions. Throughout life, these lines keep structure, whether it be balanced, progressive, or random. It’s just nice to make sense of these things when life reflects and sometimes, even, matches up.

ii. Take a look around. This world never stops moving. In every direction one can find on going occurrences. These occurrences frequency come up in production, growth, and construction. Some of these patterns seem to match on purpose, some seem to be completely by mistake. All of these processes are layered; side by side, grouped in one cramped, and brilliant juxtaposition of life.

iii. From the mind of a sophomore designer, life has two specific points: the birth and death of each day. In between is motion. As of lately, those motions seem to consist of learning balance and making progression, with some of the unexpected randomness in between. Taking these ideals and situations throughout the day can sometimes be stressful. When these ideals click though, it makes for one hell of an epiphany. Especially when these things seem to match up. Sometimes these occurrences are on accident or in one beautiful, serendipitous juxtaposition.

Title Options:

i. A Line Continues
ii. Lines Never Stop Growing
iii. Lines of Communication
iv. Life Lines
v. Encircled with Lines
vi. Point (<) Line

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