Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reading Response


There are many ways to create the same concept and emotion. With Tropicana, being able to show the "fresh orange juice" can be evoked by the orange with the straw in it, as well as displaying a glass of orange juice (as done on the new package).

From the reviews and comments from consumers (which is very important to keep in mind) it has been voiced that the new packaging looks to generic. This caught my attention. The fact that most consumers were disappointed in the "generic" take on the new carton, was kind of flustering to me. Most of the design or packaging I enjoy to look at or to buy takes a very simple approach. When I create something that isn't rendered the style I prefer, I chose not to like my design as much as I thought I would (even if that rendering style is the most appropriate and just, well, makes sense).
The lower section of the article seemed to go off on a tangent about people ranting about ranting. If anything knows about ranting, it's me. I voice my opinions, say what I want (with appropriation) and love to know why other people think the opposite. When it all boils down to it [with design] you need to be able to back up your decisions and explain, in your own (educated) voice, why you think what you do. Not all design should be based off of personal aesthetic tastes, but also linked close with concepts, too.

I feel as if this reading came at the most appropriate time. Personally, feeling frustration with the direction one of my package designs is easier to dismiss now. I can look at the package with a new eye of common sense, design taste, practicality, and ties to the brand.

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