Thursday, September 2, 2010

Testing Mediums

Remember way back, about a year ago, J. Gray assigned me to make marks with different objects and mediums to create symbols and representations for my haiku? Well, there's a old quote that comes to mind which is, history repeats itself. So, here I am, once again, creating marks and images with different technique of mark making. Does your face count?
College -- showing different styles and imagery to make one composition; four can equal one.

Water Color -- hinting at the fluidness of Brubeck's sound and the cohesiveness of the quartet.

Finger painting -- to show the playful side of Dave's compositions and mimic hands playing a piano.

Blind contour drawing // or regular contour -- to include line drawings with different directions, using smooth and jagged lines. Relates to the improve side of jazz and

Cut paper -- this feel kind of reminds me of the era of Jazz and Dave Brubeck.

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  1. Sure your face counts, especially when you get such a great photo out of it.