Friday, December 4, 2009

Final Statement iii

Over the semester I have learned many things. Below, reflects my growth of processes, direction of thought, principles, education etc. as a designer.

Both the first project and the circle project communicated the importance of thumbnails and the beginning effort when starting a project. I also learned how to abstractly using layout and different frame effects to emphasize arrangements. This carried over not only in project two, but project three as well. Instead of using abstract layouts to emphasize a word, we used marks to demonstrate a word that was picked from the haiku line. These thoughts are shown for each line under the section PROJECT EVOLUTION, below.

In semester one we covered:
• abstract communication
• spatial relationships
• working creatively within defined parameters
• activating & arrange graphic space.
• working with digital tools

I have learned and masted the concept, principles, and practices of the points above. When journeying on, into the second semester of my sophomore year I will incorporate all of these points in mind throughout each assignment. I have realized that first semester we have learned so much that can be applied to each project and assignments that we work on. Not only in vis com but also in any of our other design classes.

A big key to a designers success is iterate, iterate, iterate. Throughout this project, there were many steps to carry me from one stage to another.

The iteration below, I presented mid-project for a critique. I was in the position in trying to decide which last image to use with my haiku. Being able to tweak and pay attention to detail on finals marks was an important factor. Mistakes and how to avoid them is part of the path of learning. Being able to apply the things you learn is key in growth and communication to teachers, peers, clients, etc.



Here is my final animation for the last project of semester one, for visual communication class.

Music from the song "You, Appearing" by M83.


Based on critique, I have made the following changes to my taxonomy. I have reworked the table of contents so make the type in the left hand column the same size. The same goes for the tabs that are visible when the taxonomy is closed.

Below are final documentations of my taxonomy, titled "Official Taxonomy: A Collection of Marks". The concept of my taxonomy was to reflect that of a police report. My mother, Barbara works at a police station and I was able to study and recreate report forms from ones that she had sent me. Having that personal connection was, what I believe, was a "make or break" factor for the quality and likeness of my final taxonomy. Both the table of contents and each of the connotative pages were influenced by stolen property reports.

Personally, I have made quite the change in my life and my actions, since experiencing "sophomore year, first semester as a graphic design major" and plan on using and exposing these beneficial changes.

*I invite you to click on any of the images in the post to enlarge and get a closer look.

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