Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NA Project 3 Detailed Narrative

With each exercise done in Narrative, there are important objectives to be met. In this process I applied communicative potential of the communication channel of sound to enforce my classroom project. Because GreenAir is a radio station, I needed to get the viewer as close to the actual experience as I could by sampling from the radio. Also, using different sound bites keeps interest throughout the thirty five seconds that the commercial lasts.

Knowing what I know about a narrative, and how it can affection the viewer due to the medium, I know that an application can work in both linear and non-linear forms. My form was non-linear due to the fact the information was collected about what kind of programs or business this was. The spastic jumping from voice to voice also had a non-linear approach to the sound bite.

GreenAir is a nationally syndicated news radio feature and interactive hub for Green and environmentally significant news, stories and entertainment. It is comprised of a global network of media professionals who create, market, publish, and distribute traditional and new media content with a contemporary humanistic voice.

*The mission statement entails one that is already established from the GreenAir website.


  1. Awesome! When it comes to using only one channel of communication, it can be pretty difficult. But using sound for a radio station was genius. Creating an mp3 of multiple sound clips was an interesting idea and really made things existing instead of just another audio redording.

    The only point of criticism I would have to give would be to make the changes from clip to clip more dramatic. A little like the beginning where you could hear the static from station to station. In between each audio clip you could make it sound like you were searching for the next station instead of just cutting to the next audio clip. You could also maybe stress the "green" aspect a little more, considering it is a large part of what your station is about.

    Other than that you seem to cover the objectives in a creative and intriguing manor. Good Job!

  2. immediately get radio feel. lots of different speakers and voices. i think there should be some more information included. i just kept hearing about how they talk about green issues. maybe some specific things they talk about or something. this feels more like an ad right now and isn't really giving me any information.

  3. I really like your concept of using just voice and sound effects, but I'm confused if it was all just either sound effects, or voice...I guess I just wasn't clear on if they counted as one, or two. Otherwise, I think it had an effective idea. Hearing about all the compliments about the radio show made it seem very attractive and made me want to listen to the show.

    I feel you used narrative, but not in a detail oriented kind of way, it was more of a broad idea about what the radio show is about. (which could have been what you wanted to do) I just think some additional information could have helped to show a more in depth narrative. Having a beginning, middle, and end seems to be difficult, but maybe putting some historical facts in there could help.