Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Final Poster for Exercise

The final poster I created is a single frame narrative. In this poster, I can enfource the viewer to look at the poster becasue it captures still text and imagery that can be observed for longer than a moving narrative. It is a 24" x 36" color, tiled printout.
In order to inform my audience I found the site GreenAir and discovered it was already a company, or radioshow, that was geared toward the topics I originally wanted it to be. The visual language of the poster inclues the more contemporary "green movement" feel and face. The stylistic inspiration was older, not as well designed sites including the GreenAir site that is already underway. The leaf, the radio tower, and the off yellow paper the poster is anchored on associates to materials and interest of what the radio stations program is all about. The way I included a diagram was to simply add a radio, an ear, and some text to renforce that GreenAir is a radio program. This way it is easy for the viewer to simply understand "it's a radio show, I need to turn on the radio and listen to interact with GreenAir."

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