Monday, March 8, 2010

Expressive Typography // Final Blog

When first starting the assignment I tired to encompass the emotional feel of drought, wind, rain, and mud. All of my compositions began with investigational experiments with hand made content, captured with photography and that's how they all ended up in the final compositions of my billboards, buses, and interstitial.

When emotion is captured in type, is sends two messages; what the type directly says and the way the type is displayed conveys the "feel" (emotion) of the piece. Each of my compositions display what they should and resemble each word as if the word didn't exist in the composition.

The next step presented itself as integrating information into the experimental "weather" type compositions. Both are important factors that bring success to the composition. Emotional and information joining together to work hand and hand (especially in an advertisement) to impact the viewing to the advertisements full potential.

The challenges of creating expressive compositions that fit together formally is knowing what extreme to take each of the pictures. Color, gradient, texture, type and layout had to all be considered. Finding out how far I could push drought, wind, rain, and mud was key. Considering drought and mud are polar opposites, lots of experiments were performed.

As far as applying the compositions to the applications, that was a task in itself. A problem I ran into was taking my Photoshop files and placing them into Illustrator. When masking the images, I needed to make sure that the file size that I was placing would take up the mask of the bus and not cut off where I didn't want it to. Another factor was pixilation for the interstitial. Starting off with your photo quality at a small resolution don't help matters at all. Henceforth, I shot each picture at a very high resolution so that problem wouldn't arise.

Throughout all of my compositions, I chose to use the ABC logo. For my slogan, I decided to play off of the idea of "avoiding" not being prepared for weather conditions by implementing the fact that I was advertising a 24/7 weather radar, so viewers could avoid "weather complications" by tuning into ABC Weather. All of my applications use single compositions of the weather type to stress the type of weather condition I was portraying.

The most important thing about each composition is the logo. One of the reasons I chose the ABC logo was the positive/negative factor of the white ABC type in the black circle. It is a very predominate logo and holds it's ground. I balanced out the black and the darkness of my compositions by using a legible Trade Gothic type. To mirror the ABC logo, I kept all other text lowercase. I tried uppercase but it was pushing forward more than what I believe are the most important parts, the experimental typography and the logo.





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