Friday, March 5, 2010

Expressive Typography // Changes To Be Made

Based on critique today the following changes need to be made:

Resize ABC logo.
Resize and move slogan type.
Possibly change the typeface of the slogans.
Lighten up the upper right hand corners for the ABC logo can fit and become easier to see.

Go with bus number 2.
Extend rain image on side of bus.
Make wind image "wisp" more across the bus.
Find a new place for slogan.
Possibly find a new typeface for slogan.
Change scaling on Q&A parts of slogan.

Make sure image are the right size to avoid pixels.
Slow down the flash on the word drought.
Make wind transition in to frame smoother.
Make wind slow and move with more flow like wind.
Keep flash on rain to make seem like a storm but add more flashes.
Lighten mud image more so ABC logo is more visible.
Change end destination for ABC logo (not centered).
Change end destination of slogan
Possible keep slogan at end keep on moving through frame.
Possibly make smooth transition at end to seal off noticeable loop.

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