Friday, March 5, 2010

Icons // Narrowing Out Color Swatches

After viewing the icons swatches I collected, Ben & I came up with some connotative words that the colors displayed. After writing down at least 3 connotations for each color swatch created, I made a list of connotations that have to do with my story, Vision Quest.

List of connotations that have sprouted from my story:
Pride, growth/journey, unknown, discovery, spiritual, calm, deep, expectation, fulfillment, organic, drive, passion, independence, joy, comfort, glory, power, knowledge, heritage, tranquility, meditation, etc.

List of connotations along side their swatches:

After crossing the two lists, I have been able to throw out color swatches who's connotations did not agree with those of Vision Quest. Taking part in this process is just another way to narrow down and realize everything you do has a purpose.

With that being said, some words that come to mind are branching back again, from the beginning of the semester; legibility, scale, cohesion, and remembrance. I need to make a list of "important design words". Iteration wold definitely be on there as well. . .

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