Friday, March 5, 2010

Icons // Going Back To Black

After playing around with new highlights and color with my patterns, I have discovered a few more ideas on how to stylize them. In order to not be distracted to the color that was applied, I bounced back a step and went back to focus on for by converting all of the icons back to solid black. This way, line weights, spacing, focal points, and balance become more aware and attentive to the viewer.

After viewing all four sets together, I first knocked out the possibility outline where pattern should be,the bottom set. Then decided the third set, icons sold, may seem a little too simple and not as interesting and charismatic as the second, pattern set, or the top set, outline only on pattern.

1 comment:

  1. black pattern should be your primary set.
    black solid can be a secondary/optional set.

    after seeing them compared side-by-side, the outline and knock out are confusing and distracting, respectively.

    simple can be smart, it's not always a bad thing.