Thursday, September 29, 2011

Windows & Mirrors, Intro + 2

As technology advances, one seems to top thinking about the previous means we've used to sort out problems. The record player has turned into the touchscreen iPod.

When I was reading this selection I was caught by the word digital art. At first thought it made me think of things what you would find on deviant art. Laugh out loud. But as I continued reading, I started to realize the style behind the computer.
via MX class blog

When the World Wide Web was first created it needed someone to use it. It needed an audience. Once designers started to prod the internet, it was meant to be. Images and text grouped in the same site opened a new terrain for designs to start flourishing. For designers, these webpages turned into spaces that were experienced. Through the wireframes I have been working on, I want the user to be able to find the easiest route to the desired destination. This will still leave room for play when attributes need to be displayed in a more "move things around, this space is personal" manner. Customization of information is another important thing, I believe, for users.
In creating a transparent space, users are able to feel less intimidation or structure holding them back. The illusion that the possibilities are endless and they can now do anything they need to (through a certain program) is where their minds are headed. This is also where our minds as designers needs to keep creating and developing so users don't become stagnant. How do we keep people comfortable to what they know but change things for the better?

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