Sunday, August 28, 2011

Researching Sky Recording

In order to move forward with rebranding the company Sky Recording, I am researching what they are 'all about'. So far, the following notes have been taken:

- 40+ years experience
- Superior sound and quality
- Convient location.
- "Our stellar staff applies mega doses of talent, expertise, insight, and solutions to every client whom we team."
- Tagline: Sky. No limit.
- "Sky recording is it's people." (Offer friendly, customer service)
- Nicknames for workers. Ex. Jim 'the dude' Schrader. (They're trying to be relatable and not seem to intimidating. They also seem super enthusiastic about his customers. They're people people).
- "Treasure originality"
- They have "Nite Sky" live at "Live from Daryl's House" consisting of live interviews and live shows.
- They also have a Facebook presence.

After studying the company, I am proposing the following changes and atributes be made to strengthen the identity and clientele of Sky Recording.


Here are some helpful sites that explained the difference between brand essence and brand attributes to me in a pretty helpful way; brand essence vs. brand attributes

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