Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green Air Podcast Final


Throughout the course of this narrative assignment, my thoughts and knowledge of narrative grew with the physicality of each step. Knowing the order of how things go (for example, making the storyboards). I have discovered changing the "volume" of each channel can completely change the focus, tempo, and direction of a finished final piece. Through the help of storyboard, planning, etc. I have learned that practicing techniques is vital for the outcome and quality desired. With the help of a storyboard, I knew exactly what I wanted to portray and create step by step [in After Effects]. Through this assignment, I have learned many things about motion programs like After Effects. Although, I have not yet understood how to use all of the features, I hope to make time to learn them soon. I realize that ones knowledge of a program makes the final product ten times better. Simple tricks can improve the quality and define a novice from a professional.

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