Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 5

After taking into consideration all of the options of how I could splice the sound and text to improve the effect to make it better, I just focused on editing them both as two different units and then messing around with the consistency of them both together.

After editing them both, I followed two different techniques to decide which direction would be my final direction. One was to chop up the audio of just spit out key words to match up some of the type that appeared. The second was what I did, which was to just over lay and try to sync up the timing of the type to the sound of the audio.

I learned the importance and the impressions you can leave with words. The improvements and development of how you present them both in rhythm and syncopated time can really impact which holds value over the other.

Also, the importance of time was reemphasized. Adding or speeding up time can add ambiguities and miscommunications to certain parts of a narration and can add the wrong effect. For example, moving too fast and add a focus on the piece as to where slow timing can add anticipation.

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