Friday, October 8, 2010

People Centered Design & Modern Experiences

People Centered Design & Modern Experiences a leacture presented by Mike McCoy

How do you make something that the materials explains what it does. Their form can illude to what things do. Product design can be more expressive. Sometimes designers need to give and send information fast. Also, it's smart to profile users. What role do these products play? How do people live and interact with technology?

It's about story telling. Come up with concepts and tell the story to relate. To understand how a situation works, put yourself in the experience and interact with the situation to know how it effects people. Also, think of other people and how different factors can change their experience. What do you want to change? Change the experience and you will effect them.

Activities, environment, interaction, object, users.
Actors, activities, artifacts, atmosphere

Ways of marking down artifacts; video tour, voice recording, notes, pictures, shadowing, profile real people. storyboards, cognitive mapping, etc.

Prototyping/ways of trying,

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