Friday, October 8, 2010

Collecting Concepts and Directions


Mode; Ethos
Concept directions:
1. "Turning bad guys into good guys"
2. "Share Your Voice"
3. "Quotes from all generations"

Mode; Logos
Concept directions;
1. "Taste better in your mouth than. . ."
2. "Open a can on war" (Replace weapons with Peace Tea)
3. "Sharing is caring"

Q: What's tall, supports peace and community, is all natural, and doesn't wreak of pachouli?
A: Peace Tea.

Peace Tea isn't just about peace, it's about getting rid of the things that don't make you feel good. Ever push someone over on the playground? I bet you felt bad. Ever hand someone an ice cold Peace Tea? I bet you and the other person felt good. That's what we're about at Peace Tea. Making the sun shine brighter, your body feel better, and turning the bad guys into good guys.

If you've ever felt like you're not part of a community or felt your opinion doesn't matter, Peace Tea is here to listen, watch, and help bring people together. The only thing that sounds better than laughter is the noise of someone cracking open a can of Peace Tea. Going against the grain and being apart of a revolution never tasted so good.

Logos; vector shapes; computer typography, hand rendered typography; photography, simple colors and images, adding cut outs to see the packaging,

Ethos; photography, illustration, scanning, a strong logo, metallic colors (metals), engraving, recycled packaging or labeling, gold leafing,

Pathos; water color, painting, photo collage, illustration, photography, screen printing, super bright and bold colors, sewn pattern/container, pattern making (hand or computer),

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