Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Post for Folly Poster

My design intentions were to show the signature 4/5 time of Dave Brubeck Quartet. The use of 4 arms represents the four different tempos and instruments in the quartet and how their different sound can come together in once place (or in this case, on one metronome). The use of vibrant colors, associated in the arms on the metronome, symbolize the brightness of west coast jazz, and the implication of movement, that the music has.

How I employed a rhetorical trope in my design and solution. It started off with being the idea of an antithesis and demonstrating how different sound waves, coming from two different objects, demonstrated the sound of Dave Brubeck Quartet. After that, the idea was to demonstrate these different sound on a metronome by using color, scale, and style of the arms to show how the different instillments work in unison to elaborate and create a new sound for jazz. The metronome was a symbol for 4/5 time, mentioned above.
  • The background is not the right color blue, it's too dated.
  • Black makes it too dark with the blue.
  • Leading of date and time needs to be tighter.
  • Title is too close to the frame.
  • Move quartet over for better alignment with Dave Brubeck.
  • Purple on black is problematic.
  • Work on color of the arms.
  • Shadow arms.
  • Edit treatment of the arms.
  • Size of arms bigger, closer, smaller farther away.
  • Possible arm colors; yellow, red, green, and pink?
Although these ads are shown in color, they are meant to be in greyscale to print. Their purpose is mean to be an ad in a newspaper.

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