Saturday, August 28, 2010

F+S Rhetorical Tropes

This is a find and share associating rhetorical tropes in design. The designs that I viewed as having the most impact were ads that were for, or against, something.

Personification; the man to the left and right take on the trait of standing in for both the mac and the personal computer. Their clothes and stature in dialogue also supports this idea.
An advertisement speaking towards the Mac vs. PC.

Hyperbole; the image of a butt is alarming but put at this scale, relates to the amount of pollution and the disgust factor involved with both, using the restroom and the results of pollution.
An advertisement speaking to environmental pollution.

Apple advertisement found on
GFEP advertisment found via

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  1. The Mac PC ad also employs antithesis. The GFEP ad also employs metonymy (human waste is an index for water pollution).