Monday, August 30, 2010

15 Second Summary

Using my Nikon, I have decided to create a stop motion video for my 15 second promotional video. Using voice overs and simple text, I want to keep the message clear and to the point due to the fact that 15 seconds isn't very long (or is it?).

"So Pretty She Is" by Greatmusic

Butcher paper to reflect the texture and feel of recycled paper and illustration to reflect an organic, free flowing nature. I decided against moving text and just went with audio voice to influence the organic and person feel to the 15 second audience summary. I admit the audio matchup isn't very great, as far as volume goes, between the song and the voiceover. Maybe next time I use iMovie I'll be able to fix that, or just fix it for future refinements.

1. Purpose, relevant beliefs, sense of belonging
2. Visual symbolic codes
3. Communication styles based on language
4. Preferred media

This was my first time creating anything stop motion and I don't think it was too shabby. I can only get better from there, right? And who knew iMovie 08 could be such a pain in the bottom? After Effects, here I come. . .

I need to fix that audio and maybe add text for the more simple phrases to add emphasis.

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