Tuesday, August 24, 2010

15 Second Summary

For my 15 second summary, I have decided to key my focus towards the last free mean of entertainment, a radio station. Through research, I wanted to create a station that would stand out and promote things like going green, organic options, and recyclable products and solutions. I was thinking about going in the direction of creating and actual station but decided to scale the direction down to an actual radio program.

The audience would be able to call into the program and also email with these thoughts and solutions as well as the radio programs also having stories and "how to" radio segments. This, I believe would be beneficial to all english speaking persons; from the age of 20-50. This crowd would probably have interest in saving money and would be concerned about the health of their bodies and the condition of the Earth. They would be interested in gardening, vegan or vegetarian, cooking healthy foods, hand made items, enjoying the good things the Earth provides and live a proactive style.

This radio show creates a sense of community through sharing how to benefit healthy and efficient living.

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