Thursday, April 15, 2010

Patterns // Inspiration

During the last critique seniors Ramzy and Laura suggest I focus on the following:

-Play with scale more (that can also add depth).
-Pay attention to the positive and negative space that the icons and pattern is making.
-Combine more icons for content and interest.

Also, they suggest to turn any pattern into a real object (to put the pattern on something like a book, t-shirt, etc.) to see how it looks.

Considering I am working with Native American icons (with a pattern masked into them) I decided to search for more reason as to the layout and direction my patterns were going to take. With this in mind, I took a stroll down to the Nelson-Atkins Museum, right down the block. They recently opened a Native American exhibit. I was immediately taken back by all of the amazing art and artifacts that the exhibit was composed of. Here are some images I took via iPhone

After studying these pictures and already made patterns of mine, I will move forward trying to execute the feel and visual geometry Native Americans once did and continue to create today.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful research! Isn't the Native American wing fantastic?

    I encourage you to bring in more patterning for this next stage. The patterns you create don't have to be limited to be made only from icons.