Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Identity & Applications // Title Proposals

For a mock museum exhibition I have come up with the following directions with some possible titles.

Woman's health:
1. She-Problems
2. Only Us
3. Is this Natural (For a Woman)?
4. A Different Kind of Woman
5. My Body's Not Supposed to do That

Native american's today:
1. True Life: Native American Indians
2. Current American History of the Natives
3. Life Today: American Natives
4. Stereotype Vs. Reality
5. White Effect(ed/s/ing) Red

1 comment:

  1. I want you to explore your original 2-word story for themes. Vision quest is already a title, and could use a sub-title with it.

    I'll have to see - based upon your visual proposals - if the women's health direction is viable with your icon set. And while I like the theme, I don't feel any of your titles are there yet - try for some with less nonchalant tone. Remember, the context of the title is for a museum exhibit at the Smithsonian.

    I've listed those titles I feel are strongest. In order to not sound derogatory, you should refer to the culture as "Native Americans"

    1. True Life: Native Americans
    2. Current Native American History
    3. Life Today: Native Americans
    4. Stereotype Vs. Reality