Monday, March 1, 2010

7 Deadly Sins // Narrowing It Down

I have decided to insert 7 extra pages into my accordion book. Before each sin, the name tag below will be on the previous page. Inside of it will be written the sin that it is portraying. The handwriting will reflect the characteristic of the sin and the characteristics of the stereotype "being" the sin.
I did some research online and found out that each sin has a symbolic color associated with that sin. This will also influence the order the sins are paged in the book.

Red; wrath
Yellow; greed
Green; envy
Light Blue; sloth
Violet; pride
Pink; lust
Brown; gluttony

Picking a typeface is between the two options we can use. I'm thinking I'm going to be using due to the fact it's more "dark" looking. I usually don't prefer serif fonts. This may be a first.

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