Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Items for New Typography Project

Here are the three items I am bringing in for our new typography project.

1) Cigarette butts
Also, if allowed I wanted to use tobacco and ashes too in the letterforms but didn't know if it would be okay to stick to more than one shape as long as it had the same theme. If that were the case, I would only have just the butts for my letterforms.

2)Colorburst All Purpose Plant Food Packs
I could not find a picture on short notice. They are small green, all different size packets that you put in with your plant to make it grow better. About 1.5 x 1.5 in size. They are a light, almost sea foam green.

3) Tools
I was planning on bringing in my tool kit from home. The kit includes everything from extra small wrenches to different head sizes for a normal and phillips screwdriver, a hammer, etc. All of the tools aren't super bit due to the kit being kind of a "quick household set".

4) Kitchen Ware
I was thinking about using, an another option, different kinds of knives, spoons, forks, and butter knives to try to make letter forms. I didn't know if using something of the same theme but not the exact same object would be appropriate.

5) Ice Cubes
I was thinking about putting the ice cubes down on paper with a dot of watercolor under each cube, that makes up the letterform. Then I would let the ice cube melt for a little and the water melting in a random patter would push the watercolor out and make an interesting form. This sounds a little abstract but think it could be very cool if it worked.

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