Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Analog < Digital

The following image is the result of fixing and vetoring the edges of my marks. Converting them from analog (scanned and imported) can mess with the quality of the lines and marks that are being uploaded. Now that they are digital, they are cleaner and smoother (once I vectored them).

Next, I am working on making my marks into a digital animation that can unfold the feelings and purpose of each mark into a story. A story that reflects the feelings of my haiku.

Marks A>B (top two)
Marks B>C (bottom two)
Marks C>A


  1. In vectorization of the shapes you lost some of the haptic quality - specifically of the white dots on shape B and C. When digitizing do maintain the jagged edges rather converting to a pure geometric form.

  2. Marks A>B
    Simplicity of transition 1 (line 1) is nice. For next class produce this transition in flash.

    Marks B>C
    Transparent fades are awkward. Especially not working in transition 2 (line 3).

    The transition 2 morph (line 4) will work, just need to use the shape hints to control it. Read the most recent blog post on flash for all the tips.

    Marks C>A
    The start of transition 3 (line 2) is most natural and dynamic (zooming into the white circle and revealing the growth of spring).

    However, the wipe (line 2, frame 5) is too harsh. Instead, other ways to exit the black circle off state. Try a continual zoom into the ring before the growth happens.