Thursday, September 3, 2009

Theme & Words

Our next project in Visual Communication I, taught by Jamie Gray, will consist/ has consisted of making a mindmap to narrow down subject matter and a list of words for the sophomore's next project, which is a book, displaying 9 of the words that we have come up with.

My topic is traits and feelings of those physically deformed. I googled the topic to do a little more research and the things I was seeing and discussion groups I was finding were quite sad. The words I came up with were of the following:

  1. singled out
  2. uneven
  3. warped
  4. banished
  5. imperfect
  6. disparate
  7. detest
  8. disfigured
  9. emaciated
  10. contract
  11. hysteria
  12. distress
  13. tension
  14. minute
  15. protrude
  16. attached
  17. mangled
  18. oversized
  19. partnerless
  20. uncomfortable
  21. isolated
  22. deviant
  23. displeasing
  24. perturbed
  25. inferior
Here is one of the images I was looking at that some of these words spawned from:

All of the words above are words that aren't the norm. They make you think the layout of the following words would be something disturbing to look at. My goal is to take these "ugly" words and "sad" words and turn them into something beautiful, something even greater than what it's like to be normal in today's society. Beauty is either harder or easier to see in things that are different. This project will put me to the test.

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  1. This is a thoughtful post about your word selection - giving insight on your process (research and intentions).