Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Change in Spatial Monument

Kelsey and I have decided to change directions for our monument. We feel that this monument has a more direct route for viewers to be lead through. This "cleansing process" will take place at the narrower end of the structure so the viewer will feel the space getting larger and more comfortable around them while they walk through it.

Once the viewer makes it to the end of the structure, they will be in the final reflection room. This room will be at a symbol of inner and outer piece. This is reflected with the encompassing circle shape but still hints at the world and atmosphere around them due to the windows in the side of the building. These windows are the same shape as the "tunnel of arches" to the final room. 

After viewers walk outside of the reflection room, they will be met by two reflection pools on both sides of the path, which leads back out into the city. The extra area of space is a place where people and families can come and play or just spend some time together. Our memorial works as a "detox" but also ais in the message it carries, which is - slow down and take advantage of the things that really matter - (i.e. families, culture, weather, grass, free time, etc.) 

Chimes and birds will be heard when people are walking through the structure to slow heart rates, and clear minds of anything that might relate to their stress. This therapeutic noise promotes a slower pace and a sense of clarity.

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