Saturday, October 15, 2011

Screen Space by Helfand

Space and time. Sounds like the beginning of a very long discussion in a circle full of stoners. Reading further down, Dematerialization of Screen Space starts with the topic of just that – space and time.

With the invention of the computer, the light and the speed it moves at stares at us, as users, right in the face. We use this light and energy to look up the weather, do homework, and watch DVDs. How each of these spaces is designed correlates to how the actual "space" is represented.

How often do we look at the screen and not realize that it's not just a composed of click click. This click click can also be thought of as many layers. Oh man! The way Helfand puts it is, "What has not been recognized is the extent to which the viewer is a moving target. Are our conceptions of electronic space lodged in geometric exactitude in an effort to harness the dynamic of an unruly audience?" Oh man, I like that.

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