Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 5 Reading Response

It is important as designers to be away of who, or what, we're designing for as well as what we're designing with. American needs to step up the game and try to get on track with identifying the products they are using and what happens to them and how they effect the environment. The Adbusters interview speaks of physical pollution and mental pollution. I thought the statements in this article were very intriguing. Keeping an eye out for the world isn't just what designers are doing now-a-days. They're designing for emotional experience. Being subjected to millions of advertisements our brain is stimulated by everyday is mentioned as one of the following reasons for these prescriptions of Prozac being filled.

The idea of guerrilla street postering is super interesting. Seems like this type of installment in the public is super exciting. It's like one of those things you feel like you're not supposed to do and you have to sneak about. 

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