Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 4 Reading

With the power of design we can change the world. More and more people that are changing the world now redder themselves to designers. This new form is know being acknowledged by more than it has in the past. Once we realize we are designing, it gives us the chance to look closer to how and what we are designing. The beauty of design as first glance is a nice moment for introduction but is list once the viewer takes a closer look. The binding colour fades from out memory and the context and text of what we read, both literally and metaphorically, become the "meat" or the substance that sticks with us.

Designing and making things better seem to be a fantasy we are fighting for. "Changing the world" seems to be a cliché that is spoken of at Miss America contests. We are making it real and achieving more than just a job. Being a designer means taking steps into solving problems and leaving our mark on the future.

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