Monday, September 12, 2011

Conceptual Design

1.Need: Find out where things are located, having not been to England before hand.

Solution: Virtual reality. You are able to be placed into the place you choose on your iPad/iPhone, and walk around the area you have chosen.

2. Need: What important steps to take before leaving the country.

Solution: Hologram whiteboard that updates to do lists and reminders. You are able to program it to your specific interests. Widgets allow you to customize things like weather, convertors, and new feeds.

3. Need: To feel like I won’t be able to fit in with people and friends.

Solution: Online pairing and facetime with someone of the opposite country provides open conversation about questions that the website doesn’t answer (i.e. What do people over there wear? What is the weather like?)

Devise that allows you to scan items in a store and see how many people have purchased this item, and comparable prices. This lets you keep up with the styles and easier to fit in.

4. Need: Quick answers to new situations.

Solution: When stressed out, users can find information on questions quickly at their fingertips. A devise that you can attach to a container and it tells you what the measurement are.  This includes a currency, weight, mass, area, and distance converter.

5. Need: Not understanding the slang.

Solution: Record conversations without someone knowing, like a watch or hair barrette. This allows you to listen to conversations and translate them on your own time.

Quick word finder section that allows users to have a dual direction slang library of words and phrases from American to British and vise versa. This book also has the origin of the word and the pronunciation, which can also be played out loud.

6. Need: Feeling uneasy about sending child over

Solution: Tracking devise children are meant to wear while abroad. On the tracking devise is a button that allows the child to press in a time of emergency, sending out information to authorities, providing them with location, time, name and emergency contact information.

Parents can access the site by limited means to find out more about the country they are sending their son or daughter to. (i.e. politics, customs, currency, emergency contacts).

7. Need: New diets.

Solution: A data book that provides new/equivalent tasting foods so you know how to adjust your diet. Also includes a medical database, so if you are sick from certain foods you know what to take. The site and databases provide pictures and words or slang that will allow you to order food correctly, or find what you need at the local co-op.

8. Need: Dealing with homesickness.

Solution: Having a devise that allows you to video chat with your family at home, but in 3D. Connect with people abroad while you’re there. Locate where other users are going with your login information. This way, if fancied, you can meet up for a cheeky pint!

9. Need: Connect back to home country.

Solution: News is updated on a national, state, and local level to keep you in tune with what’s going on back home while you’re gone.

10. Need: Entertainment while traveling.

Solution: Providing readings that are books known in that country. Also, providing readings and news about the city you’re in or headed to.

11. Need: Quick updates of alerts in the new area.

Solution: To make users feel safe and comfortable in their area, they can now be updated about warnings in the area so people can avoid situations, or places, and feel safe.

12. Need: Feel apart of the community you’ve just arrived in.

Solution: To be alerted by your mobile devise when holidays or local festivals are coming up. Also, when bank holidays are to prepare for the rest of the week a head of time.

13. How do I know what to wear?
Devise that has all of your clothing categorized and photographed, and provides weather information and items of clothing you have the choice of wearing. Also provides helpful tips like might wanting to take your umbrella.

Knowing what to wear and dressing appropriately can effect your whole day. Being able to see what the weather is can easily be viewed and then screen scroll over to see what outfit would be best accommodated.

Devise that allows you to scan items in a store and see how many people have purchased this item, and comparable prices. This lets you keep up with the styles and easier to fit in.

14. Where can I find bus route maps and maps of the tube?

Ear piece with tracker on the shoes telling you where to go. Also tracks where you have been, how many miles you have traveled, and reroutes to shorter ways of traveling for common areas of interest.

Able to purchase and update tickets for destinations you are traveling on the Tube or buses. Scannable machines allow you to use your phone as a ticket swipe.
Instantly downloadable pdfs. of all current maps to phone. This way if you don’t have service underground, it can be viewed in your picture gallery. It updates every time you turn on your phone so you can see which lines are down or what lines are still open at night. By creating an account you can buy tickets before you get on the next transportation. This also includes ticket prices.

15. What’s the difference in renting and how do I find places available?

Solution: Site offers a list of student rentals. The site and devises allow you to do virtual tours, and arrange furniture within.

The landlords have to sign up with the site and have a background check to post their rental. This map of rentals puts into perspective where your university is and how far you’ll have to walk everyday, plus alternative ways and the best transit routes to take

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