Monday, August 22, 2011

General Impression of Web 2.0

From the videos and readings put forth, my impression of Web 2.0 shows the importance of connection, advancement, technology, and life as we know it.

Screens have become a part of everyday life. It seems children and the younger generations associate technology with joys like video games, the internet, etc. These directions need to be joined with media education to link this joy between these children.

The information that people are exposed to moves at such a fast rate that learning how to dissect and process this information is where each building block should start. Learning is about the approach of perspective. One should learn how to use their eyes before they start looking.

All of these types of learners should need to be taken into consideration when being taught. When knowing that there are 'seven types of intelligence' it puts on display that there are several types of minds to cater to. When an educator knows their 'audience' they can manipulate to best and most sufficiently teach their students and youths.

'Harnessing' this 'collective intelligence' is how our programs in Web 2.0 manage to keep themselves successful. The devices that we use these applications are also manage to keep us moving at an alarming constant rate. The stimulation behind a smart phone or mobile device changes the way that we 'witness' to experiences. Forget story telling when I can take an audio sample or a picture of what is actually going on.


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