Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final Sega Pictures

The idea of the Chaos Emerald energy drink is derived from the definition of the Chaos Emeralds – that they 'give energy to all living things'. What else would be better than playing a Sonic game and needed that hype to carry Sonic on to the next level? Or to give strength to beat the evil Doctor Eggman in combat?

The drink is geared towards the classic Sonic the Hedgehog fans, ranging from ages 18-44. Focusing on this audience, the design of the cans and the box references the 16-bit era of the classic Sonic games.

One of the design elements we incorporated was choosing the gold ring around the top of the can to represent the in-game rings. Another detail to take notice of is the printing method used for the can. It is a dual tone black. The combination of black on process black creates a holographic detail to the label all the way around the can, which is based on the Green Hill zone in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

Aesthetics of the box include using the item boxes. These item boxes hold much value in the game and we wanted to include the face of Sonic and the iconic gold ring for the other side of the item box, which contains the four cans. All flavours were derived from four of the colours of the chaos emeralds; yellow as lemon, blue as blue raspberry, green as green apple and red as fruit punch.

In this celebrated 4 pack, the consumer can buy and try all of the flavors or share with friends. These people could be the gamers playing the games or just the collectors out there.

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