Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Writing

Whereas fields such as architecture have an established culture and history of criticism, the notion of writing about and reflecting upon graphic design is relatively new. As designers in this expanding and shifting field it is important that one is able to articulate positioning in relationship to the subject.

From this, I have decided to execute a project relying on design writing. How important is it to create a personal 'manifesto' and voice not only what you think about: the function of typography, ethics of graphic design, or [dare it be said] good/bad design? This will be either in the form of a book, large-format poster, or a moving image piece. For the sake of unification and publication, I believe I will head my work in the direction of using atavistic book making instincts, and uses, I will branch out ideas for layout and function. Associating function and concept into a singular unit.

It's time for others to read what I think and be impressed with it.

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