Friday, January 7, 2011

Mapping Out the Region

For the first project, the brief reads as follows:

Mapping is a principal used in cartography and information design it is: 'the visual documentation of data translated or transformed into the visual presentation of information'. The task of collecting and recording material documenting data subjecting it to analysis, developing an order and a sequence which determines the form of presentation are skills which will help as you begin to consider the direction of your individual work.

You are to document through photography, video/film, drawing, text or symbols the category of information you have drawn form a hat. [I chose "blue plaques".] All area you gather information from must be within a two mile radius of the 'Clock tower' in central Brighton. Try to record all the details of the data category eg numbers, variables in the form of the object, type, classification, size etc. Attempt to find a link between each of the data elements eg bus stops are linked by route. Consider variables in relation to the nature of your presentation, eg speed, time, distance, concentration, quantity, frequency. Can you develop new visual narratives between the data entries.

Present your final work either as a large format folded map sheet, chart, interactive piece or short film.

After collecting my information, I started with the first basic step. This was figuring out what this two mile radius looked like. Not being from the area, I have no concept of how far around two miles is. Below is a map pieced together, which will, I think, eventually become a vector of sorts.

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