Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Project, New School

The first project I have come across is one that strongly intercepts and pushes the idea of gathering data, around you. When Loren and I came to school yesterday [our first day] we had a bit of a private meeting with our instructors. The learning style here can be explained as what I would like to call "open ended teaching & learning". This type of learning seems to be more embracing of the creative output of the student. Instead of being told what to produce, as far as ideas, format, medium, scale, etc. I can do basically anything I can think of. This opens barriers to anything, anything. It's quite incredible. It is making me feel a little more "free" than the curriculum at KCAI. Some projects are very open ended but there still seems to be a "stilt" that we need to use. It's kind of hard to put into words at this point but when I come back, I'll have a keener of an idea as to how to state this fact.

Once fact is that we have a lot more time to concentrate on a single project. Instead of pushing out 3 projects (some of which are due on the same day), I can put 110% to one project to really test and [more importantly] show the results of my learning and knowledge of design.

More on this specific project later.

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