Thursday, October 7, 2010

Infinite Space, The Architecture of John Lautner

I am designing the poster for AIGA's Design Reel film showing at the Tivoli Theater. Here are a few of the iterations and directions I am going in. I want to show layering and transparency to add depth and to illude to the thought of infinite space. Also, I wanted to keep the shapes in structural shapes to relate and to symbolize the architecture. The color pallet comes from the thought of John Lautner's architecture embracing the view and landscape of outdoors.

Here is the first design I have created. I am also working in going in a different direction as well.
Here is the "final" poster. I say that meaning, it's almost there but still needs some final craft tweaks. This one is going up tonight at the Tivoli Theater tonight for advertisement. Go see it!
Check it out on the AIGA website.

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