Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happily Married: Bodoni and Helvetica

The concept for Happily Married: Bodoni and Helvetica is the idea that Bodoni and Helvetica are a very happy married couple that both have strong atributes to raising their kids, and taking on the roles of adults in a hunky-dory, middle American, suburban family.

After picking typefaces, next I did some print tests of color on image and color with type. There are the samples I chose to print due to interest in the color on screen. And one who has every messed with a computer and a printer knows that it's not always what it seems on the computers screen (unfortunately).
These are the colors I have decided to use because their print test was the most favorable colors, in my opinion. The black, out of all of them, was the darkest and the most mechanical looking than the others. Try it printing if out to see. You'd be surprised.

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