Friday, September 3, 2010

Codes in Language

For Typography III, I have decided to interpret each poem with a code of sorts. I am studying my personal experience with each poem and breaking them down into adjectives, repeated words, sentence breaks, and words that are broken off without a connecting word.

Key code and poem example coming soon

I have found that each poem seems to be of hope and curiosity. They make me feel sad for how abstract they are. Sometimes when you're sad, you feel small. The only other direction you can head from feeling small is feeling big and tall. This brought me to the thought of really playing with scale change.

Typography reminds me how much I love the written word. I am infatuated with it's meaning, its assumed content, and the personal experience. I am still on the search to find a typeface I love as much as the meaning behind a sentence, or even a word.

Maybe I'm so inspiried because I'm listening to Explosions In the Sky.


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