Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tender Buttons

  • A Box
  • Dirt and Not Copper
  • A Seltzer Bottle
  • A Long Dress
  • A Piano
  • Cups
  • A Carafe, That is a Blind Glass
  • A Red Stamp
  • A Mounted Umbrella
  • Careless Water
  • A Little Called Pauline
  • A Method of a Cloak
  • A Frightful Release

I'm not really sure due to amount of spreads, to only make a small signature. I wanted to do a classic western codex but am toying around with the possibility of using a soft cover or really thick paper to make the book look like a thin journal, with just a sewn spine though the whole book (from middle to outside).

11 x 17; on textured, acrylic paper. I want the paper to be coffe stained to give the book more of a mystery of "Who owned it? Where did it come from?" type of mystery -- the same mystery that comes with the meaning of the poetry.

Black ink with colored accents to enforce certain words.

FOLLOW UP 9.1.10
After talking to M. Kidwell, I was reminded that I need to remind myself about the goals and to orient my attention to the type. To remember that I need to express the language giving in the text and to play more with bold and small text. Maybe I should study what I am reading more and focus on cubism and embrace simultaneity that comes to mind.

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