Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prepping for Sophomore Review

For final review for my sophomore year in graphic design I need to come up with project that can easily represent what I have learned in one whole year in the graphic design department at KCAI. A couple of main points that have come across are: hierarchy, color, form, typography, process, conceptual thinking, motion, narration with type and imagery, and using analog and digital materials and means.

The projects that I wish to present are as follows:

TYPE II POSTER: This poster shows my ability to be conceptual and idealistic in a direction of emphasis on the personality of Sheila Levrant de Bretteville. By using the color pink, replacing the letter "i" with a symbol of a woman, and changing the scale of the type shows hierarchy. Giving all of the type a place to line up in a complex, yet neat and simple grid, made for a very pleasing layout of text. TYPE II // VISCOM II SPREADS & INFOGRAPHS: Tying my theme together with imagery and text was just the first phase of these spreads. By tying the spreads together I made very simply read infographs that correlate to the spreads. Keeping them old looking but making them a little more contemporary put a new spin on things and kept things fresh. IMAGE MAKING: Seven Deadly Sins
With the seven deadly sins book, I was able to conceptually make up a character for each of the seven sins. I also was able to create a scene of people through imagery and tell a story.

VISCOM 2: Line Study Book
My line study books shows successful use of typography on the front page and as you move along it is easy to notice the beautiful juxtapositions that are entailed on each page. This project also was tied together with a narrative, or story, about a journey through life. All of the pictures show balance in color when all spread out do to compositions and order of each spread.
VISCOM 2: Taxonomy
My taxonomy shows my ability to organize and collect information in a interesting manner. Using my typography, research, and photography skill, I created a realistic spread. A spread that is very much like that of a documented police office file. This also presents my skills to move analog shapes and marks and create them into a digital composition successfully.
IMAGE MAKING: Sid Vicious Poster
Doing research on a person and trying to create and actual scene outside of the studio was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Planing for a shoot and coming up with different indexes and symbols of a person used a lot of creative thinking. After that, placement and view came into the picture. And then editing and cropping the image. All of these things came together to create a very successful poster that uses the power of narration to invite the viewer to inspect the poster even more.

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