Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Principles of New Typography

Reading responce to The Principle of New Typography by Jan Tschichold.

Jan Tschichold is exactly right in the sense that type is everywhere. Shoved in our faces on a day to day basis. Because of this, modern society has adapted to reading things quickly and getting ideas out at a faster glance. Being able to captivate that first glance is what I, as a designer, am after.

A bold realization that Tschichold has made is that the "ornamental facade" of buildings have been lost and through time and have been produced only to fulfill it's worth and purpose of having people occupying the building.

The responsibly of a typographer is an important one. Type needs to be legible; the engagement of size and weight, the use of a grid, photography, and color should be not just interesting but cohesive. Also, paying attention to the reader is important. Will the reading understand how and in which direction to read the text? I enjoy how Tschichold says that left to right, top to bottom, and all of the regular ways to read is "not a law".

"Standard solutions" are boring. They are expected and do not pull the reader to explore more about the composition and text. Being able to come up with a "fresh and original intellectual approach is needed". Any respected artist or persons doesn't go with the norm. Designing with flair or difference makes things more interesting.

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