Thursday, March 4, 2010

Design Writing Research

In reading response to Modern Hieroglyphs in Design Writing Research by Lupton.

I found it extremely interesting how the icons were so universal that they were translated into words without a second thought. One can only hope that any icons set they create would be as clear as universal signs but defiantly a little more stylistic and memorable.

The International System of Typographic Picture Education (ISTYPE) was a marvelous idea that I wish I could have come up with first. A picture that all cultures, races, and languages can understand is a simple, but ground breaking discovery.

Since these signs are now so well known (ex. woman's and men's lavatory signs) designers can now stylistically recreate them for more of an interest.

Relating to our icons sets, Neurath's pictograms deal with two very important things: reduction and consistency. Any consistent, legible, simple icon set is headed in the right direction to be it's best in the end result.

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