Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Design Process

Reading Responce to "Design Process" from Type and Image by Phillip Meggs.

As far as any designing is concerned, trial-and-error is a great way to go about discovering new possibilities in a print, piece, poster, etc. Sometimes, when working through trial-and-error, a serendipitous discovery may be made.

Understanding the problem. One must test the limits of their boundaries and never pigeon hole an idea. Once an idea is small, it's harder to explore and understand all of the possible directions the project may go in. Gathering mountains and mountains of research is important to help spark ideas and knowledge.

I believe that this reading is very insightful and matches, or coexists with the work process I am developing at school. I also believe that all of the points made in the reading are very important to any design process and can help your growth and knowledge, as a designer. I think if you follow the insight of this reading it can even help increase your pay when you go out into the "design world".

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